7 Typical Dishes of Argentine cuisine

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Argentina has a rich gastronomic culture, which combines the flavors of European cuisines with those of Creole and native cuisine. So, prepare to taste delicious dishes during your vacation in Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires, you can feel the influence of the Italian and Spanish cuisines. You will be able to taste Argentine pizzas (very different from Italian), stews, Milanese escalopes, pasta or gnocchi.

Argentine gastronomy is above all based on meat. It is known all over the world for its high-quality beef. The typical dishes vary greatly from one region to another, but some are very popular all over the country and it is these that we wish to talk to you about. Do not forget to accompany them with a good local wine!


Argentinian grills – The most typical Argentinian dish and the choice of carnivores. Argentinian grills (asado argentino) are made of beef and grilled sausages on the embers of the barbecue, so that they cook slowly and that they are impregnated with the smoked taste. The most appetizing parts of these grills are the rib of beef (the famous “tira de asado”) or the bib. Asado argentino is usually accompanied by chimichurri sauce.

Chimichurri – This delicious Argentine sauce is used to accompany grilled meats, to season salads or to marinate fish and poultry. It is a liquid sauce, slightly spicy and with lots of spices. Made with oil, vinegar, parsley, oregano, pepper, chilli and other spices, chimichurri highlights the flavors of meat.

Empanada argentina – Of Spanish origin, it is one of the most typical Argentine dishes, which never misses the call during the holidays or on the Argentinean tables. Whether fried or baked, the empanadas (stuffed slippers), are prepared very differently according to the regions. Their farces are also very varied. The most typical include meat, corn, onion or cheese.

Argentina Choripán – This is a sandwich prepared with a juicy chorizo ​​and baguette. It can also be watered with chimichurri sauce. It is very typical in the neighborhood of the Boca de Buenos Aires, where it can be found in several establishments. So, if you come to visit the Boca Juniors stadium or discover one of the most linked areas of the world of tango, do not forget to taste the choripán!

Locro – A traditional stew with a multitude of recipes, as is often the case with this type of dish. It is most often prepared with corn and squash, as well as several types of meat, such as bacon, guts and chorizo. It is a very nourishing and typical dish of winter, which is cooked over low heat. Traditionally, they are eaten on May 25, the day commemorating the first Argentine government.

And we arrive at the desserts … The dulce de leche of Buenos Aires is known all over the world as being one of the best. It is prepared with milk, sugar and vanilla essence, which are cooked until a smooth, thick, shiny and very sweet caramel is obtained. The dulce de leche is eaten spread on rusks or biscuits, as garnish on cakes, in ice-creams … The alfajores are another very typical dessert which consists of several biscuits glued by a caramelized garnish (normally dulce de leche ) And covered with chocolate.

Mate – The mate is the typical Argentine infusion, which can be drunk at any time. It is prepared by pouring hot water into a characteristic container, called mate or porongo, containing matt grass. With stimulating properties, the matte has a characteristic bitter taste and many add sugar or milk as an accompaniment. The mate is more than a drink, it is a true tradition and a symbol of the country.

There are of course many other typical Argentine dishes that can be eaten in Buenos Aires, such as churrasco, matambre or carbonada. If you have enough time and appetite, we advise you to taste them all!